CherupushpaMission League (CML) is an indigenous pious organization for Catholic children, founded in 1947 at Bharanaganamin Kerala, the Lisieuxof India. CML is working with St. Theresa of Lisieuxas its heavenly patroness and St. Thomas,St. Francis XavierandSt. Alphonsaas its co- patrons and patroness. His Holiness Pope Leo XIII prophesied that salvation of India is in the hands of her children. Taking the words of Holy Father as the motto, this organization is meant for the lay apostolate in the various diocese of India and away in many foreign countries as well.  This organization was started functioning in 1947 in Bharananganamby Rev. Fr.Joseph Maliparambiland sir. P.C. Abraham Pallattukunnel(Kunjettan) under the saintly leadership of His Excellency Mar. James Kalasserythe Bishop of Changanassery. CML was officially inaugurated by His Excellency Mar. Thomas Tharayil- bishop of Kottayamon 3rd Oct. 1947, at Bharananganam.